Wednesday, March 23, 2011

SFW A/W'11: Fantasy Couture
It's Day 3 of Stardoll Fashion Week and designer Eeleenyte10 was the first to release her Fantasy Couture collection for A/W'11. Her collection from last year wasn't met fairly well with fashion lovers, and I must say her new collection isn't the best either. It's not bad, but it's ok. Some pieces are individually great but when styled in whole looks, it just doesn't work. With couture fashion, I expect something big and outlandish, and yet again I still haven't seen that in her collections. Overall, good collection, but the not great.

Designer: Eeleenyte10
Models: Fierceismything, Punky_lissy, Tapstar321, Conii987, -Limitededition,
Ciaraleanne, Pirata111, Vampire_, Missricopenguin, Elite-girl, Findurlove, Noelle_page

Credit: Stardoll Fashion Week

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Ellen Rouge said...

Note - It wasn't COUTURE, it was RTW line and I changed the name of brand, it's Fantasy now, not Fantasy couture, and you can see it in schedule, too. I know I need to change logo though. Thank you.