Sunday, November 28, 2010

Izzy's Big Break!
One person who certainly standed out of Lipstick Magazine's winter issue was up-and-coming model StarCathie! Izzy Torronley made her 1st modeling debut in a amazing 3 page spread in the issue, which left me trying to find out her the amazing red-headed girl was! The shoot left me wanting more!!
It's also rumored that she's reportedly in the middle of signing a 2 year contact with Victoria's Secret, which she will be earning millions!! Close to 2.5 million stardollars for each year, plus a half million signing bonus!! Watch out Bluegreen86, there's a new girl in town and she's taking over the modeling scene!!!


Nicole Jones (Tapstar321) said...

Not just the model. The graphic artist that did this? Genius. Genius, genius, genius! But the model is beautiful, super pretty! And very graceful. I can see the potential ;)

Pop_star1234 said...

I Was going too say the same Exactly thing..

Im glad too see Someone new I got Just about tired Of Mel. It was Getting old real fast!


Laura Torronley / Lizs (on stardoll) said...

you'll be seeing A LOT more of this girl in lipstick magazine and many other places.