Saturday, June 12, 2010

Dioguardi: Cruise 2010/2011

Cruise 2010/2011

The latest collection from Dioguardi has been released. This collection shows more sophistication and elegance than previous collections created by fashion designer Manolo.DiCicco. The debut of the accessories, handbags, and shoes were also what made this collection even better.

This is the best collection by far from Dioguardi, but this certainly won't be the last!

Source: Dioguardi Couture

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Vincent.Fame said...

I'll be honest about it, I actually do not like this so called collection at all! the graphics are poorly made and the clothes are just random copies of what other great designers do. Aren't Fashion designers supposed to design clothes themselves, this is not original or inspired at all! not to mention the colors he used... very sad!